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Flexible & Productive Automation for Precision Metal Fabrication

To insure our customers receive the right technology for their precision metal fabrication applications, we engage in a Voice of the Customer Project. FaST Machine Tools provides our customers with application experience with all types of materials, processes, and procedures. 

Improving Efficiency

From CNC blanking to bending to fastening to finishing and polishing along with quality control, FaST listens to our customers and provides the right technology for their current & future requirements. We can assist you with real-time shop-floor modeling, which includes feasibility analysis, demand review, shop floor simulations, as well as identifying and eliminating variables to your manufacturing efficiency, such as identifying and reducing the distance your jobs travel through the shop

Reducing Time & Improving Quality

We work to support you with unattended operation and thereby increase your productive output per employee.  We also study your applications to reduce job changeover time, which will increase the Velocity at which your jobs travel through the shop.    Zero Setup Time is always The Goal!  


The Machines We Offer Include:

• Panel Benders 4' to 12'
• Fiber-Laser and Fiber-Laser FMS 

* Punch-Shear Combination
• Punch-Fiber-Laser Combination
• Laser to Bending Automation
• Pre-owned Machines

• Finishing and Polishing
• Deburring
• Grinding and Blending
• 2D/3D Vision Inspection
• Automatic Code Generation

• Electric Press Brakes
• Tube Processing
• Smart Hydraulic Press Brakes
• Automatic Tool Change for Press Brakes

Analysis & Implementation

FaST Machine Tools will help you increase production by analyzing your existing processes and procedures at your demand levels & provide a real-time simulation of your shop floor model. This simulation will provide options at various levels of of automation and investment. Our automation technology may be expanded and modified as your needs change over time.

Expert Guidance

Our company has a reputation for being knowledgeable about the various machine tools and technology for your field of manufacturing. We service all metal fabricating industries along with a few other industries for specific applications.  



"The level of quality we get from this machine is phenomenal.  It's a quantum leap over what we used to do.  We'd never go back."
—A Satisfied Customer

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